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Red Carpet Lingerie carries lingerie, sexy costumes, accessories, boots and shoes, party supplies, and more! They even carry plus sizes. They carry everything from bras and corsets to playboy costumes. The broad explanation of their products are listed at the top of the page. They include:

Red Carpet Lingerie's products where extremely sexy and affordable.  There is a large variety of different costumes on the Sexy Costumes page. When you follow the link to Accessories, they have every accessory from gloves and wigs to pom poms and fangs. They have a free newsletter than can be delivered straight to your email in which you can receive special offers. They also advertise a blog, but, when I tried to follow the link it appeared that it was no longer working. Though it is not working currently, I can only assume that they are working on it since it is still included on their website in very plain site. The setup of the site is easy to use. I really love all products I saw on . 

Red Carpet Lingerie: What makes it different?

There are several differentiators that seperates Red Carpet Lingerie from the other linger websites of its kind. I will choose a few of the most important.

  • Plus Size page: Not all clothing site's recognize that today's consumer is usually not a size 0. The fact that Red Carpet Lingerie has incormporated the Plus Sizce part of the page shows that this world is starting to change its perception of beauty. The lingerie and sexy costumes in this section are just as sexy, if not, sexier than the other "normal sized" lingerie and costumes.
  • Price: Their prices are, on average, about $10 cheaper than other sites. They offer quite a discount from the manufacturers suggested retail price.
  • Newsletter: Most other sites of this kind do not offer a newsletter that contains current promotions and special discounts.
  • Variety: Red Carpet Lingerie offers a wide variety of "Sexy Costumes". They have everything from "Strawberry Shortcake" to "Princess Leia", from witches to ninjas.

Red Carpet Lingerie just offers a lot of things that a lot of other sites can not or do not offer. But, at the same time they seem to lack a lot of the things that some other sites DO have.

Best Available Red Carpet Lingerie Coupon:
Red Carpet Lingerie vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Red Carpet Lingerie)

Glamorose Logo


  1. Site looks a bit more professional than that of Red Carpet Lingerie. The site as a whole looks amazing, and inviting. It makes you want to shop here. The photographs of the models in the lingerie look more professional, as well.  It makes me feel as if I when on Red Carpet Lingerie I am looking at pictures from some corny Halloween store.
  2. Free shipping on orders that are over $60 plus a free panty with every order. This is something that was literally non-existant on Red Carpet Lingerie's site.
  3. On this particular site you can save up to 60% off on Clearance items. Everything is in stock all the time and orders always ship the same day. This is AMAZING! Nearly unheard of.


  1. The fact that this site is so put-together and makes you want to spend money is a con. A girl could lose control of herself on there!
  2. The products that are not on sale are quite a bit more expensive than on Red Carpet Lingerie's site.
  3. No plus size page.

Lingerie Diva Logo


  1. Again, much more professional looking than Red Carpet Lingerie. Inviting, makes you feel like shopping.
  2. Lingerie Diva offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more. However, there is no free panty from this site. Free shipping is still quite a big deal by itself, though.
  3. This site offers "Diva Rewards". In other words, they are buyer rewards that reward you for how much you buy. For every dollar that you spend on you get 10 Diva Rewards points. When you accumulate 1,000 Diva Rewards points you can receive a $10 gift certificate right then and there or you can choose to save them up until you can earn a larger gift certificate.


  1. Just like with the fact that this site looks nicer than that of Red Carpet Lingerie makes you want to spend more money, spending more money "just because" is generally a con.
  2. You have to spend the $75 to qualify for the free shipping. Any less than that, even $74.99, you are paying for that shipping.
  3. Just like on, the products are more expensive.
Red Carpet Lingerie: Pricing & packages

The prices on Red Carpet Lingerie are without a shadow of a doubt cheaper than any other lingerie sites I looked into. Even the ones that say they are deeply discounted are more expensive than Red Carpet Lingerie. They do not offer free shipping like some of the other sites of this kind do, not even if you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars, you are still going to pay shipping. No free panties or gifts here. However, the unequaled savings makes all the difference. You can most likely save almost as much, if not  more, than you would save on Red Carpet Lingerie's leading competitors sites with their free shipping. Even the prices of their costumes, which on other sites were rather expensive, are much more affordable. There is no denying the fact that there is savings to be had on Although all the other perks, such as the free panty and the free shipping, are nice you can not deny the fact that the any savings is exciting and well worth it.

Red Carpet Lingerie: Product images & screenshots
Red Carpet Lingerie Coupons
Red Carpet Lingerie: Customer reviews & comments

There were absolutely no customer reviews or feedback for me to summarize. I looked all over the place on the internet for it. I can just assume that people are not aware of Red Carpet Lingerie yet. It barely comes up in google searches, let alone any sort of review or customer feedback. There is not even any reviews or customer feedback on the coupon and promotion code sites. I feel that it does not reflect badly on Red Carpet Lingerie, because as the saying goes, "no news is good news". However, this is not how the average American shopper thinks, we want to be justified in why we are doing whatever itis we are doing. The average American shopper will be weary of shopping on a site with no reviews when there are several clearly more established sites to choose from. However, the average American shopper should know that from all counts this site appears to be just as safe as the others. How can I site become more established without patrons? This site has great potential and is going places!

Best Available Red Carpet Lingerie Coupon:
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